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Service In A Post-COVID World

The infectious nature of the coronavirus meant that the government introduced restrictions on non-essential activities like shopping, eating at restaurants, and travelling. In addition to these regulatory changes, consumer behaviour also shifted. Buying
decisions were increasingly influenced by the perceived safety of interacting with a retail or hospitality brand. Ernst and Young’s research found that today’s consumer is still anxious. Even in countries where lockdown restrictions have been lifted for the longest, such as China, risk remains at the front of the consumer’s mind when deciding what to buy and how.

This whitepaper aims to consider how those shifts in consumer behaviour may develop into long-term trends leading into the recovery and post-Covid era. We are collating this information to help affected businesses equip themselves and make critical decisions.

Viewpoints from the following contributors:

  • Steve Cochrane MBE, managing director at designer clothing retailer Psyche
  • Ben Stevens, editor at Charged Retail
  • Tomé Morrissy-Swan, lifestyle writer at The Telegraph.
  • Holly Worthington, content editor at Modern Retail.
  • Grace Dean, retail fellow at Insider.
  • Karalyn White, executive director of corporate affairs at Paramount Fine Foods, the parent company of Box’d.

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UK Whitepaper - Post Covid Retail - 2021 - Cover